SmallHD 502 HDMI/SDI 5-inch HD Monitor - 400nits

SmallHD 502 HDMI/SDI 5-inch HD Monitor - 400nits

Product Description

The SmallHD 502 HDMI/SDI On-Board Monitor features a 1920x1080 LCD display. With a pixel density greater than the iPhone 6, the 502 is the sharpest 5" monitor in the world. As far as colour & contrast are concerned, the 5" display is best-in-class. The 502’s LCD display is able to produce 85% NTSC Colour Gamut (greater than the REC. 709 colour standard), rivalling the colour capabilities of OLED.

The 502's size, weight & resolution make it an ideal choice for DSLR shooters looking for a lightweight solution, while its robust mounting options allow the monitor to be used on a gimbal or shoulder rig without adding bulk.

Using a custom-built processing engine, the 5" monitor will accept nearly any resolution & frame rate. Building upon the 3D LUT functionality of the DP7-PRO Series, the 502 will allow shooters to apply an even higher resolution, more accurate 3D LUT, in real-time.

Have the flexibility of a touch screen display without the downsides. An integrated joystick prevents smudge marks on the screen & camera jiggle during operation.

Flexibility & ease-of-use are taken to the next level with the 502’s Bluetooth remote. By mapping the physical interface & functionality of the 502’s joystick to a Bluetooth remote, shooters will be able to interface with the monitor without touching it.

What's in the Box:
  • SmallHD 502 Unit (AC Power or Batteries not included)
Links & Downloads:
Optional Accessories:
  • HDMI & SDI Cables
  • Canon LP-E6N Li-Ion Type Battery

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