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February 2013 – A nice, clean, simple, …… not so simple, TV spot I shot for Resin.

It was quite a team effort to create the required camera movement. Although Resin specialise in VFX this particular job was shot in-camera, .... okay with a smidge of post stabilization.
I'm pretty happy with the result & working with Resin & an Arri Alexa is always a pleasure.
  • Production Company: Resin
  • Director: Grant Lovering
  • Producer: Lincoln Wogan
  • DoP: Pete Hall
  • Focus Puller/Camera Assistant: Mark Cowley
  • Production Assistant: Murray Alford
  • Make Up Artist: Tracey Philpott
  • Camera & Lenses: Arri Alexa & Cooke MiniS4/i's