Weeks Building Group > 52 Weeks > TVC x2

Once again I teamed up with Klik Advertising, this time to create a stylish TVC for the Weeks Building Group. The aim was to emphasis by building with Weeks there’s plenty left over for extras.

As you can imagine many layers were captured to allow the soft furnishings to appear, & of course there were several green screen shots. The boys from Klik did a great job with the transitions, & I should add the Ursa Mini handled the green screens beautifully.

Crew Credits:
  • Advertising Agency / Production Company: Klik Advertising
  • Director: Gareth Diprose
  • DoP: Pete Hall
  • Sound Recordist: Brian Reynolds
  • Camera Assistants: Sam Doddridge, Kadison Noack & Matt Caporaso
  • Production Assistants (Klik): Bryce Morriss, James Taylor, & Kellie Dragani
  • Camera: Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K