State Theatre Company > 39 Steps > TVC (x2)

August 2016 > Once again the State Theatre Company of SA called upon Adelaide Production Agency RedBikini to produce a TVC to promote their show 39 Steps.

39 Steps is a world-wide hit that brings John Buchan’s classic book & Hitchcock’s legendary film to life in a hysterical stage adaptation.

As expected the Show’s cast had limited time so Director Shane McNeil decided on a one shot approach. An awesome location was sourced within the Adelaide CBD which was in keeping with the style. In the short time we had available the move was choreographed & shot with time to spare. It was a pleasure to work with real pros & we achieved the desired with ease.

Crew Credits:

  • Production Agency: RedBikini
  • Production Coordinator: Alice McKenzie
  • Director: Shane McNeil
  • DoP: Pete Hall
  • Camera Assistant: Kadison Noack
  • 2nd Camera Assistant: Darren Leslie
  • Runner: Alex Ryan
  • Work Experience: Sam Dalton