Royal Flying Doctor Service > Baby > TVC

This is the third of three TVCs produced by Adelaide Animation & Visual Effects Studio, Resin  for the iconic Royal Flying Doctor Service.

I was really excited to be involved with such a project as it was new territory for both myself & Resin.  It involved the use of a motion control rig allowing us repeatable camera movement over a three day shoot. It will become clearer as the other scripts are completed as to how motion control became a key factor in the production. To complement the camera movement we animated on-set lighting. This was something of a first for us, animating flicker & changing levels throughout the shots provided seamless lighting changes from scene to scene.

As always, it was incredible to work with such talented people. Because of the complexity of this project, it was extremely important that every crew member in each department applied their skills to a high standard, resulting in the success of the final product.

Crew Credits:
  • Animation & Visual Effects Studio > Resin
  • Director > Grant Lovering
  • Producer > Lincoln Wogan
  • DoP/Gaffer > Pete Hall
  • Assistant > Jonathan Baker
  • Make Up > Tracy Phillpot
  • Motion Control Team > Resin (Steve Sexton, Eugene Sanso & Tim Forbes)
  • Truss > Osmond Electronics (Steve Pitkin & Jack Mathews)
  • Camera >Blackmagic Production Camera 4K (BMPC 4K)