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In March 2013 DoP Pete Hall & RedBikini's Justin O'Brien & Georgie Shepherd headed North on a mini road trip to Port Pirie to shoot a series of TVCs for O'Dea Solar & Electrical.

The O'Dea TVCs came together super easy, what with a well thought out strategy, post production pros applying their craft, good product, great clients, awesome weather, & a solid performance in field, how could you go wrong?!

The boys from O'Dea were extremely nervous about us city slickers coming to town, but the TVCs are already working so hats off to them in a tough economic environment.

  • Production House: RedBikini
  • Director: Justin O'Brien
  • Producer/Post Production Supervisor: Dani Tinker
  • DoP: Pete Hall
  • Colourist: Daniel Principe
  • VFX: Aaron White 
  • Sound Design: Georgie Shepherd
  • Sound Mix: Leigh Kenyon
  • Camera: Canon EOS 5DMK3 DSLR Camera