MGA Insurance Brokers > TVC x4

In June 2013 RedBikini came up with a unique approach to produce several TVCs for client MGA.  A comedy event was created where a number of local Stand-Up Comedians delivered jokes about insurance.

The exercise was successful on a number of levels - Production of 4x TVCs, an interesting Social Media Event, & a Social Event for many of MGA's staff & partners.

I thought RedBikini did a great job to bring all this together.        


  • Director - Justin O’Brien
  • Assoc. Producer - Sara Millinder
  • 1st AD - Danielle Tinker
  • DoP/Cam #1 - Pete Hall
  • Cam #2 - Michael Tessari
  • Cam #3 - Jason Chong
  • Sound Recordist - Brian Reynolds
  • Follow Spot Op - Shannon Gunn
  • Cam Assist - Danny Pearson
  • Stills Photographer - Georgina Shepherd