Mamee Noodle Snacks 2013 > TVC

November 2013 saw me shooting with a BMCC 2.5K for the first time. Myself & Resin’s Grant Lovering tested the BMCC prior to the Mamee shoot & were blown away by the quality of a camera of this price point. Grant especially loved its raw capability. I now know what all the hype was about! The BMCC 2.5K is very impressive, a tad awkward but impressive.

On set I had no real issues outside of the crop factor which has been well documented. Once I pimped the BMCC out with a Movcam Cage, Alphatron EVF & Tilta Power Distribution Box it was as comfortable to use as any other camera in its class. Overall I was very happy with the camera & the TVC itself.

Once again the Resin boys did a fantastic job of bringing the Mamee Monster to life.

  • Director: Grant Lovering
  • Producer: Lincoln Wogan
  • DoP: Pete Hall
  • Cam Assistant /Focus Puller: Mark Cowley
  • Runner/Assistant: Murray Alford
  • Sound Recordist: Les Francis
  • Make-Up: Anne Tomkinson