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As part of Fairmont Homes’ 50 year celebrations Adelaide Advertising Agency Klik were engaged to produce a TVC to focus on the company’s legacy of building affordable homes in South Australia.

1966 saw the era of English migration. There was a real demand for affordable housing – immigrants were starting new lives, & providing a much needed skill base for a growing Adelaide. Founder Gordon Pickard saw it as an opportunity to build homes that the average person could afford, homes that were designed for family life, & homes that would last.

The TVC was structured around the Australian folk song “Bound for South Australia”. The song was said to be popular on the clipper ships that traded wool & wheat between Australia & Britain. 

Crew Credits: 
  • Advertising Agency / Production Company: Klik Advertising
  • Director: Gareth Diprose
  • Copywriting/Creative: Kellie Dragani
  • Editor: Bryce Morriss
  • DoP: Pete Hall
  • Camera Assistant: Brad Halstead
  • Production Assistant: James Taylor 
  • Work Experience: Marco Ocampo