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In early February 2014 Klik Advertising approached me with a concept for the Fairmont Homes Built for Life campaign. We needed to keep it simple but still achieve good production values, so we decided to shoot 50fps with Canon’s 1D-C. What you see is minimal lighting & not too much camera movement allowing those little moments in time to take care of themselves. The raw imagery was beautiful, this is an awesome camera. Gareth Diprose graded with a look in mind.

This TVC is the first of number which will roll out throughout the year.

  • Creative Agency - Klik
  • Director - Gareth Diprose
  • Supervisor / AD - Tim Thompson
  • DoP - Pete Hall
  • Camera Assistant - Brad Halstead
  • 2nd Assistant - David Wilkie
  • Production Assistants (Klik) - James Taylor, Skye Utting, Kellie Dragani
  • Makeup Artist - Danielle Howard
  • Camera - Canon 1D-C