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Visual Effects & Animation Studio, Resin, was commissioned to help work out a way of translating existing art direction for Thoroughbred Racing SA in to motion. The main problem Resin faced were the heroes of the show, the Thoroughbreds weren't available.  The solution was to create 3D horses & jockeys & composite them into various South Australian landscapes as per the print campaign.

Throughout the day the weather was testing especially in the last scene where Resin thought they'd need to do a ton of work making an muddy overcast day look awesome. We waited, & waited, & waited, & to be honest stressed a little, then the sun popped! I love it when a plan comes together!!

  • Production Company: Resin
  • Director: Grant Lovering
  • Producer: Lincoln Wogan
  • Production Manager: Julie Lewington
  • DoP: Pete Hall
  • Camera Assist/Focus Puller: Mark Cowley
  • Grip/Gaffer: Marcus Bosisto
  • Sorensen Design Cinema Pro Remote Head: Darcy Sullivan
  • Unit: Steve Russell
  • Wardrobe: Chloe Spalding
  • Make Up: Jen Rossiter
  • Camera: Arri Alexa